Five Things You Didn’t Know about Judge Frank Caprio

There’s another court show coming to TV even after a slew of them have dive-bombed over the years, but this one is believed to be different. Judge Frank Caprio does not seem like the hard-handed judge that others have shown themselves to be over the years, though he is fair and judicious in his dealings with people. He follows the law and yet shows a level of compassion that is not typically found in other court shows, meaning that this could be a definite swing in favor of Caught In Providence as it will be presented to the viewers. It could be an interesting show.

Hopefully it will prove to be much different than the others.

5. He was a Civics teacher for a while.

It makes sense for a judge to have had experience in something that could help them along when it comes to listening to testimony and passing judgment over others. This could also explain why he’s got such an even disposition towards the people that come into his court. A lot of  TV judges act like they’re on the warpath half of the time, this could be something rather interesting.

4. He’s been re-appointed to his position six times now.

Obviously people think he’s qualified and capable of doing his job. That kind of endorsement from the public you serve speaks well of a person’s character in many ways. It could be that he has found a way to dispense justice and at the same time let people remember that they are human beings and not numbers to be shuffled and filed away on a continual basis.

3. He founded his own law firm.

Caprio definitely goes all in when it comes to the law and his love for it. Caprio & Caprio is the name of the firm and it’s located in Providence of course as you might expect.  More and more this guy seems to be the right kind of subject for the new show that’s coming out and hopefully he’ll keep us entertained as well as do his job when the show comes out.

2. He’s served as the Chairman of Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education.

He’s led a busy life it seems and there’s no slowing down for him now since he’s about to be a TV star. Caprio is obviously a community-minded man and values a good education. Having been a teacher it can also be said that he would be the right guy for such a position and would know more than some what he was talking about when it came to higher education.

1. He has a couple of honorary degrees. 

He has a Doctor of Laws from Suffolk University Law School that he was given in 1991 and another degree that he received from Providence University in 2008. He’s been a commencement speaker at the University of Rhode Island as well several times in the past decade.

His new show might be worth a look.

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